When you think Ivy – think “IGI IVY”!!


Ivies are one of the most recognized plants by consumers because of their color and many uses in the home, patio, and landscape. While there are dozens of varieties of Ivy to choose from, we have selected varieties and colors of Ivy that have small to medium size leaves, are disease resistant, self-branching, thrive in the same growing environment and can be used in interior and exterior areas.

 We offer 4” and 6” pots. 8” baskets are grown as cutbacks or uncut. Ivies that are cutbacks are an excellent choice for supermarkets and “high-end” garden centers. Uncut Ivies work well for high-volume, price sensitive buyers. Growers may bump into larger containers, make topiaries, or sell as landscape and patio plants.                                   

 Color & Variety


  •  California – Thrives in many climates and features green leaves, each with five rounded lobes. The veins of each leaf are a lighter green color and the stems occasionally have a reddish color.  California ivy rarely gets to be taller than about 12 inches, but its vines can stretch more than 6 feet. The plant is not sensitive to humidity and grows successfully indoors and outdoors. It is best however, not to place it in direct sunlight in areas with high heat because this can burn the plant. California ivy can grow successfully in most soils and is comfortable with shade.
  • Green Heart “Ralf” – Has medium to large-sized, rounded, triangular, ivy-shaped leaves. The leaf color is medium green with light green veins. The leaves are close together forming a dense plant.  Green Heart ivy can tolerate full sun to shade, though partial shade is recommended in hot climates. It prefers fertile soil with good drainage.
  • Needlepont – Features green pointed lobes with an elongated central lobe.  Similar to English Ivy, but smaller, more delicate and elegant leaves with a more moderate growth habit.  It is primarily grown as a trailing ground cover or as a climbing vine and for topiaries.  Tolerates a wide range of soils but prefers fertile soil.  Needlepoint is easily grown in average, medium moisture, well drained soil.  It grows in part to full shade (highly tolerant of shade) or full sun but prefers some shade in hot climates.  Tolerates drought and high-heat conditions but enjoys a periodic deep watering.
  • Shamrock – A self-branching miniature ivy with three to five ovate, round-tipped-lobed, dark green leaves with lighter veins.  It is very winter hardy.  Shamrock prefers bright indirect sun but will tolerate even the darkest corner of your garden or home.  An excellent variety for topiaries.  The American Ivy Society selected Shamrock as the “Ivy of the Year” for 2007.


  • Gold Ripple – This hardy variety has pointy, leaves of mint green, with streaky edges of golden yellow. Excellent in containers or mixed tubs, also suitable as a house plant.  Gold Ripple will grow as a vine, climbing trees or buildings to a height of 20 feet or more, the stems are self-clinging.  Prefers partial shade to full shade in fertile, well drained soil.
  • Gold Child – Has variegated leaves with a lobed, ivy shape and heart-shaped base. The leaf color is gray-green with irregular, wide, gold-green margins.  Gold Child ivy can tolerate full sun to shade, though partial shade is recommended in hot climates. Tolerates a wide range of soil but prefers fertile soil with good drainage. The American Ivy Society selected Hedera helix‘ Gold Child’ as the ivy of the year for 2008.
  • Eva – Has three forward-pointed lobes with the terminal lobe up to twice as long as the laterals. The variegation is a cream to white margin with a green-gray center. Eva is a sun loving drought tolerant plant that attracts wildlife to feed or nest.  It tolerates full sun and sandy, drought-prone soils. The American Ivy Society selected Hedera helix ‘Eva’ as the Ivy of the Year for 2009.  


Sizes & Pack

 3” Square Pot – pack 56                   4″ Round Pot – pack 30                   

 6” Azalea Pot – pack 12                    6″ Toparies – pack 9

 8″ Hanging Basket – pack 6

We also offer ivy in a Fertis cell pack – 150 per case – on a pre-booked status only.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
You would need to allow an 8 week growing time for all cell pack ivies.
Custom orders are welcome – call us to discuss!                                     

When you think Ivy – think IGI Ivy!!