Transportation Services

Suggested shipping methods for large quantities.

We have compiled a list of known shippers who handle the transportation of live foliage on a regular basis. All out of state shipments must use refrigerated trailers and the use of appropriate decking. It is not mandatory to use a shipper within our list. Please use this list as a reference guide only.

CompanyContact NumberRoutes from Central FloridaRefrigeratedLTL
Benton Express(407) 855-4200 Southeastern United StatesXX
Borderline(305) 519-7775 Northeastern United StatesXX
DTL(407) 330-9348Up East Coast of the United StatesXX
FTN(407) 889-5535Up East Coast of the United States XX
J.T. Carriers(352) 383-8441Central and Midwest United StatesXX
Jim Martin(386) 566-1656Southern Florida and Tampa surrounding areas X
LCT (352) 326-8900Most of the Continental United StatesXX
Lightning Express(800) 328-0082Along I-75 up to Minneapolis, Minnesota XX
MCT Trucking(800) 432-5534 Most of the Continental United States XX
Mike Barber(407) 892-3238 Most of the Continental United StatesXX
Peninsula(352) 735-3553 Southeast, Northeast, Midwest and West Coast XX
Phantom Freight (780) 998-0706 Western Canada (only Canada)XX
Plant Express (407) 880-1819 Midwest and the West Coast United StatesXX
Quinn Miller (334) 797-6355 Midwest United StatesXX
Schaefer (561) 723-4808 Chicago, IllinoisX
Sunteck(954) 914-3157 Most of the Continental United StatesXX
TPC (407) 886-3003 Most of the Continental United StatesXX
Tropical Selections(905) 873-1670 Eastern Canada (only canada)XX
Tropical Trans (352) 551-8147 Central United StatesXX
Western Foliage (877) 282-5595 Central, Midwest and Northwest United States XX
Ziegler (305) 513-9805 Northeast United StatesXX
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